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"Sometimes everything
aches, and you just have to
deal with it."

Anonymous said: You are ALWAYS good enough

Aww:’) Thank you♥

  -  9 October

Where did it all go wrong?
It felt like i’ve just lost everything
Who am i kidding, i’m not, nor will i ever be good enough

  -  8 October

As i lay to rest, the bounding of my pulse eradicate the silence
I can’t keep’em calm,
Tonight, i paced back and forth.. desperately searching for comfort
Am i really who you wanna be with? Is the time given to you in love worth every downfall that occurs? Would you try to pick up the pieces with me if situations were to ever fall apart?
There’re always too many questions…
Sometimes i feel like i’m in this alone, it kills me
I can’t escape the truth, I am in love with you. I’m scared to death, i’m afraid to lose you…
You’re who i would want to find myself waking up next to every morning and sleeping next to every night.
I’m not the best but i know i’m capable of treating you better,for what you deserve is so much more than you’ll ever know.

Please be patient, i’m still seeking

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